Fully annotated, interactive Aerial 360s with CGI using a 50mp sensor

Give visitors to your website a fully interactive tour of your location or project

We have the UK’s only dedicated Aerial 360 drone with a 50 mp sensor (the drone was designed by us and built by the UK’s leading professional drone builders – Vulcan UAV). The drone can take a set of full frame 360 images in seconds – ensuring that you get a superb quality product. The drone can be flown at heights up to 400ft to ensure a very large geographic coverage. To give you an idea of what that looks like; the Heathrow example, below, was photographed with the drone stationed at 400ft.

Click here for a 360 Aerial including 3D CGI –  (This project was commissioned in support of a planning application – click between proposed and current use using the navigation buttons). Use zoom and full screen for best results.

Click here for a stunning example of an annotated aerial 360 For best results view in full screen mode and zoom in to see the stunning detail.

ANNOTATIONS: We overlay the image with a skin that contains the navigation buttons, your logo and hotspots, etc. Our designs will blend and complement your corporate identity and branding, and can incorporate any of the following as standard: interactive maps, floor & site plans, basic information ‘pop ups’, PDF downloads and thumbnails. For even more interactivity, we also offer embedding YouTube video content, photograph & direct email ‘pop ups’, voiceovers & sound effects. We can design anything in to our tours – try us!

HOTSPOTS, HOTLINKS AND NAVIGATION : Arrows and other custom graphics can be used to link individual virtual tour scenes together to create a virtual ‘walk-through’ tour experience.

ALL OUR VIRTUAL TOURS ARE PUBLISHED IN FLASH & HTML5 FORMAT AS STANDARD : 99% of all computers worldwide have Flash pre-installed, therefore people wishing to view a an aerial 360 tour on your website will not need to download additional plug-in software.

All 360s work, as standard, on iPhones and iPads.

ALL OUR VIRTUAL TOURS ARE OPTIMISED TO RUN FULL SCREEN : No matter what size your monitor, all of our virtual tours are optimised to run in high definition at full screen whilst downloading seamlessly through a broadband connection.