Aerial Video Guys has a selection of platforms at your disposal capable of carrying a full frame DSLR with a 50mp sensor. If it is possible to get your shots legally then we will.

We also shoot high quality interiors and are licensed for night flying operations.

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Vulcan Harrier in Aerial 360 mode

Mavic 2 Pro - Hasselblad

Telescopic Mast with Wireless Camera

Telescopic Mast with Wireless Camera

Vulcan Harrier in High Quality Stills mode

Canon 5DS - 50 MP camera

We also use a range of tilt/shift lenses for standard commercial shoots and a number of GoPros and stabilised Osmos for action sequences and timelapse videos.  Our Vulcan Harrier with its 50mp camera and a wide range of lenses can be configured to fly sub 7kg (under CAA regulations it can therefore be flown in congested areas i.e. towns and cities). When flying in tight locations – indoors or action sequences for example – our Inspire Pro really comes into its own with its 4K capability.

For areas that are difficult to fly in or where we can’t get permission, or it’s too hazardous to fly a drone then we also have the option of an hydraulic mast which can give us the elevation that we need.  The mast is equipped with a remotely operated pan/tilt head or can be configured to use the Movi gimbal for video.  The mast can also be locked off to make aerial timelapse videos.